Game and Members Of Meek’s Entourage Almost Cross Paths In Philly As Feud Continues To Rage


(AllHipHop News) The beef between Meek Mill and Game shows no sign of slowing down, in fact it appears to be getting quite dangerous.

Despite the attempts from Nipsey Hussle, Big U, Russell Simmons and DJ Kay Slay, the two camps continue to issue threats of violence towards each other.

Meek and Game have been feuding over allegations that the Dream Chasers’ leader singled out Game and his crew as the perpetrators of a $300,000 robbery involving Sean Kingston.

The end result was a series of diss records, which started with "92 Bars" by Game.
Meek dropped a remix of Young M.A’s “OOOUUU” featuring Omelly Takbar and Beanie Sigel, which prompted another reply from Game called "Pest Control.”

While Meek has remained mostly silent on his Instagram, members of his crew came dangerously close to running into Game and his entourage in Philly over the weekend.

Game had a show in Reading Pennsylvania, and stopped at two different locations in Philly during his outing, under the auspices of getting what was surely a delicious cheesesteak at Max’s Steaks.

But, while he was in the city, Game taunted members of the Dream Chasers crew. Takbar also posted reply messages to their timelines on Instagram from the same location.

Apparently, they missed each other by hours. In a different post, Game also implied that Beanie Sigel was assaulted at the Bad Boy Reunion show in Philadelphia on Friday (September 23).

Prior to the Bad Boy show, Beanie posted photos of himself in Baltimore, where he was in town to perform with Hot Boy Turk at a memorial show for Shawty Lo.

Game also showed up in the same city passing out hundred dollar bills in the Gilmore Homes projects. Each post was tagged with a reference to the diss records, whether it was in Emoji's, or hashtags associated with the songs.

Also, Game’s manager put Sean Kingston on blast, claiming he ran to court and just got an order of protection against Game and his crew.

From Game's IG: “me vs #MeekyMouse then he went & got his big cousin cause [Omelly] he can't fight.... Then we figured out this nigga cousin can't rap.. so these idiots go get Beanie Sigel & bring him outta retirement to write they raps.... only to get bodied on #PestControl as a group !!! Then niggas say I can't come to Philly, so I go get a cheesteak from @genossteaks in SOUTH PHILLY.... then when I get there, niggas say.. I'm at the tourist spot... naw nigga.. I'm where #Meesha shot his video at cause that's all I know..

I aint from PHILLY nigga, I went where they went... & #McMumbles #Mmm #Mmm #Mmm is from SOUTH PHILLY & we pulled 2 BIG ASS tour buses up wit my face on the side... ordered food, sat there for a hour & ate that shit !!! Wasn't bad by the way 🍴🍴🍴 lol.... so then now that I'm in SOUTH PHILLY, niggas saying why you ain't come to NORTH PHILLY..... I see I'm gone have to.. then when I get there, what they gone say... why I ain't got to WEST PHILLY ??? LOL.... y'all got this shit fucked up.... Game is good EVERYWHERE cause I been solid EVERYWHERE !!!

Niggas tryna turn #PHILLY against me.... naw, i fuck wit the WHOLE PHILLY... I just don't fuck wit ya man #MeekyMouse cause he a 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 now you mad cause Sigel told @persianicole that he wrote y'all shit on the diss song so y'all jumped y'all own man at the Puffy concert... 😂😂😂😂 you niggas is characters b.... I went to South Philly cause that's where Meek shot the video & his non rapping Ass cousin is from 10 blocks from Geno's... 2 big ass loud ass tour buses sliding down them tight ass streets & nobody heard or saw nothing huh 🤔🤔🤔 & #Meesha from NORTH PHILLY but don't be around there no more cause AR-AB & his niggas running that now.... you turn ya comments off cause you got tired of seeing them 🐀🐀's & L's.... what about yo fans Nigga ???