Game Denies He Kicked Dark Skinned Woman Out Of His Super Bowl Party


Game is calling BS on reports that suggested he kicked a bunch of girls out of his house, over their skin tone.

by Mike Winslow News, Videos.

(AllHipHop News)

Reports suggested Game and his cousin booted a woman from their private Super Bowl party because Game’s cousin allegedly had a problem with one of the girl’s color.

Game’s cuz supposedly asked the women to leave and allegedly said they should have never brought “dark meat” to the party.

In a new video posted on, Game flatly denied the allegations.

“It was a private Super Bowl party, it was like 20 people,” Game said. “I knew everybody that was in my house. This is my home. It’s not like I had it at Dave & Busters. This chick came in with a few girls, and I wasn’t discriminatory.”

According to Game, the women were there for about 20 minutes, they made a few drinks and had some pizza.

The Compton rapper said he noticed the women, and began asking his friends if anybody in the party new who the uninvited guests were.

“They were like ‘oh we just heard about it so we decided to come,’” Game continued. “They were asked to leave because they didn’t know anyone.”

Check out Game’s explanation: