Game Honors Late Father With A Tour

AllHipHop Staff

Game is celebrating his dad's life by touring Europe.

(AllHipHop News) Compton, California rapper Game is heading to Europe to pay tribute to his deceased father.

The rapper announced the "45 Tour" of Europe, to celebrate the life of his late father George Taylor.

Game's dad died in January,, at the age of 65.

"I personally apologize to my fans for being late with the tour dates etc.... but after losing my father a few weeks ago I was going to cancel tour, album, everything because I was lost & in a lot of pain," Game explained. "I couldn’t focus on anything but my family & getting myself out of the dark place I was in...... after talking to my mother & thinking about what my father would want me to do for my fans, career & family.... I’m proud to give my European fans the tour as promised with the dates... thank all my fans in Europe & around the world for the countless DM’s, support & love through this rough patch I’m going through."

"The 45 Tour," which launches on February 28th, will take Game to cities like London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin and more.

Take a look: