Game: "I Leaked My Album"

The mystery surrounding the cause of recent leaks of the Game's new album, Doctor's Advocate, has been solved, thanks to the rapper himself.

The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, admitted to releasing a clean version of his upcoming release in an overt strategic move.

"I already leaked my album," Game revealed to "I already leaked my s**t so n***as know what it is now. All they got to

wait for is the dirty version."

While leaked albums are an unexpected occurrence for most artists, Game said his actions fall in line with a successful routine from past experience.

"People just don't remember last time," said the Compton rhymesayer. " The Documentary, me and Jimmy [Rosemond] did it at the same time. He leaked it out his way [the East Coast] and I leaked it out mine and it found its way out in the middle. But, The Documentary was leaked on Jan. 2 and my album came out on the 18th."

The Game likened the practice to an illegal practice that creates trust between the supplier and the demander.

"You gotta do that. You gotta give people a sample," said the rapper, who compared the process to an interesting trade. "It's like selling crack in the 'hood, man. Anybody that ever sold drugs in the

hood knows you gotta give a n***a a taste before they buy.

"I leaked The Documentary the same time last year that I did this album," Game continued. "I got a formula. I know what to do. They know what it is, people hear the joints is classic and you ain't gonna hear s**t that you don't like."

Album leaks are not a new phenomenon for artists, who have seen and adverse affect on sales.

This year has seen albums from Lupe Fiasco, the Roots and Pharrell pushed back due to unauthorized leaks.

Most recently, Def Jam Records entertained the idea of investigating how tracks were leaked from Jay-Z's forthcoming album, Kingdom Come. 

Whether the leak will ultimately hurt or boost Game's sales remains to be seen, but if the past is an indication, it could be fruitful.

The Documentary sold over 600,000 units in its first week and went on to sell over 5 million copies.

Game is confident he will come out on top and he dished out some cautionary advice for his peers.

"I leaked the clean version. That's what it is," he said. "Maybe n***as should copy off me, man, but then I'mma notice they copying and then I'm going to smash them. So, they might not want to do that."

Doctor's Advocate hits stores on November 14.