GAME REVIEW: GTA IV - The Ballad Of Gay Tony

AllHipHop Staff

Developer/Publisher: Rockstar Games

Platform: XBOX 360

Players: 1 - 16 (Online)

Rating: A++

The world of GTA IV has provided gamers an over the top, fast and furious ride through the underworld of the fictional Liberty City. Our first protagonist Niko Bellic gave us a tremendous introduction to this metropolis through the eyes of an immigrant transplant. On The Lost & Damned, bike gang member Johnny Klebitz showed a different side of this immense crime ridden saga.

Now Grand Theft Auto IV gets its closing chapter with the stellar The Ballad Of Gay Tony (Rockstar). Like the first episode, you’ll need a copy of GTA IV to play the downloadable version of Gay Tony. Those who don’t have the original disc, you can buy Episodes From Liberty City and your two episode hunt is over.

TBOGT stars Luis Lopez. An all too familiar face to the series, Lopez is the partner of infamous nightclub impresario “Gay” Tony Prince. In this installment we get a different view of the city as the nightlife capital. Therefore you get to do missions for some of the most powerful which takes the action to insane heights. Now possible are missions on top moving trains, inside airplanes, throwing people off roofs, and wild shootouts in the sky.

On a broader scope, helicopters and armored trucks play a bigger role in this episode. In what stands to be the biggest bonus are the new weapons. In all previous incarnations of the GTA series, the only way to take out any airborne hostility was with the trusty rocket launcher. Now with a shotgun with explosive shells, you can pretty much take out anything on with much ease. Also the sticky bombs add more diabolical fun to free roam or multi-player.

While there are no new parts of the city to explore, TBOGT provides gamers with new features to freshen the scenery up. Drug Wars is a new set of side missions where Luis teams up with his pals Armando and Henrique to rob stashes from rival dealers. In an interesting twist, base jumping has been also added the extracurricular activities.

The goal is to jump off buildings and parachute safely to the targeted drop zone. Another much welcomed addition is the option to replay story missions. Missions are now scored depending on time, kills and more leading even more of an online competitive spirit.

All in all The Ballad Of Gay Tony is one of the most fun games you will play all year. This episode takes Grand Theft Auto IV to even crazier heights with gold plated submachine guns, drive-by shootings from Bentleys, and more. We can’t imagine what Rockstar will come up with next.

GTA IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony Meet Luis Lopez Trailer