Game Review: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Developer: Edios Interactive

Platforms: PC/X360/PS3

Rating: C (3 out of 5)

Eidos Interactive has a history of bringing third person shooters to the home console, and the most recent Hitman, is even being adapted to the big screen. When the announcement came for a bank robbing shooting sociopath-based thriller, named Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, the thought was that a Heat like story and proven mechanics would result in gaming bliss. It is a shame that while the story is interesting, and some mechanics are fun, this game falls flat on its face from glitches and bad AI.

Those who love criminal capers featuring falls from grace will find themselves in love with the story right away. The selfish yet efficient mercenary, Kane, finds himself on death row writing to his daughter. His aforementioned selfishness lands his family in trouble and Kane ends up partnered with the psychopathic Lynch. What ensues is a tale of betrayal that feels like a film from Scorsese or Mann (Heat).

The biggest draw, for those trying to find something different, is the team-based and cooperative gameplay. In single player mode, the first player will always be using the ever strategic Kane, while the computer or a buddy takes control of Lynch. You can have as many as 9 men to help you achieve your objectives. The game is excellent in this regard, as your men usually have sense enough to take cover and use their firearms effectively. The multiplayer, named Fragile Alliance, has the players working together to rob a place and get out. It isn’t as simple as running and gunning together and at any time you can find yourself being betrayed by those who are pulling the heist with. It forces you to watch the people you work with and makes for an interesting night as you never truly feel safe.

These things though, cannot save what is a pedestrian, basic game. The glitches really kill the mood you create. The computer seems to be stuck in its own rut, as it follows a bee line no matter where you are, meaning if you are in the right spot, no matter what you do, you will not be fired upon, taking the fun out of the game. You can also find yourself falling and stumbling through surfaces that really irritate you during a firefight. This game also doesn’t feel too new, you have played through all before. Dead Men looks to be nextgen, but it is obvious that the developers didn’t take it further than the graphics, and even so, with games such as Halo 3 and Call of Dutycoming out, it makes this game look outclassed.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men has the aesthetics of an AAA title but some mechanics of a budget title, which does nothing but frustrate. The bugs add to the frustration and break a session of action and fun. For a season that is full of titles that are more deserving of your buck, you should let Kane & Lynch slip through the cracks.

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