Game Review: Resident Evil 5

AllHipHop Staff

Developer/Publisher: CapcomPlatform: XBOX 360

Players: 1-2(Co-op/Online)Release Date: 3/13/09

Rating: B+

Capcom has been known over the years for the break-out success of one of its top franchises, the Resident Evil series. Known for its terrifying and gory fun, the series garnered a following because of its ability to keep players on the edge of their seats. As series vets know, Resident Evil took a radical departure from this tried-and-true formula on Resident Evil 4, and now on Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 5 picks up 10 years after the Resident Evil 2. Chris Redfield, one of the protagonists from the very first installment, is sent to Africa with the B.S.A.A., an association that protects the world from bio-nuclear threats.

He teams up with Sheva, a member of the African branch of B.S.A.A. to stop a huge nuclear weapons deal from taking place. The two spend time tracking down the threat while bumping into Chris’ old nemesis Albert Wesker and trying to find out exactly what is going on in the Cradle of Civilization.Players the enjoyed Resident Evil 4 will fit right in. The controls haven’t really changed, except for the addition of a strafe movement. There are 4 different control presets, so players shouldn’t really have an issue finding a style that suits them. The game has the same over-the-shoulder perspective as its predecessor.

There is still not an option to move while shooting, as there’s never been in the series. While this may dampen the experience for people that want the true feel of an action game, it is the skeleton of a Resident Evil game, so it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.The huge suitcase you could use to haul weapons around in Resident Evil 4 is long gone. You are now limited to carrying only 9 items at a time. You can also no longer be in the safety of a pseudo-pause menu while selecting items; everything takes place in real-time. The addition of hot-keys for the D-Pad definitely helps with switching weapons in the midst of battle.It’s not a rare occurrence for tons of enemies to be on the screen at the same time. As soon as you chop down one, there’s another one right behind you getting ready to clock you with a wine bottle. Instances like these really validate the addition of multiplayer to the series.

With someone to always watch your back, it changes the feel of the gameplay because you’re always responsible for your partner. If they die, it’s back to the last checkpoint.

The interactive cinematics are back from Resident Evil 4, so you will perish many times if you think you are just watching an in-game movie. Nuances like these help keep gamers on their feet and the action there at all times, even when you think it’s over.Resident Evil 5’s graphics are surreal. The game runs beautifully in 1080p. The small details bring a huge sense of realism to the game. Rain hitting the characters’ tactical vests, pollen floating through the air, the details on Chris and Sheva’s faces; these things all work together to create a visually stunning game. The environments are all beautifully rendered, wide-open spaces. You’ll see a wide range of different areas throughout the course of the game, so there’s no need to worry about familiarity.Resident Evil 5 marks the first time in the series where cooperation with a partner, whether it is AI or an online or offline buddy, is essential. There are numerous spots in the game where you’ll need the assistance of a partner, whether it’s splitting up to unlock a door or fending monsters off of one another. Whereas Resident Evil 4 has enemies on a huge scale, Resident Evil 5 has them on a humungous scale.

The Resident Evil fan favorite, Mercenaries, makes its return in the latest installment. For those who’ve never played the mode before, you are essentially thrown in the middle of a war zone where you have to kill as many enemies as possible with very little ammo and health. It is very easily one of the most addictive parts of the game.

While Mercenaries does not have multiplayer mode, it is very easily one of the most addictive parts of the game. The learning curve of Resident Evil 5 may be slightly steep for newcomers of the series, while series vets will find themselves right at home. Professional mode has plenty of frustration for those hardcore players that yearn for it.Resident Evil 5 has something for everyone, whether it’s story progression or action. Capcom really did a great job taking the series in a new direction while keeping the game true to its name. It’s advisable for players to be ready for something new in the series; change isn’t always a bad thing.

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