Game Review: The Warriors

Publisher: Rockstar GamesThe Warriors, the quintessential Hip-Hop flick

with no actual Hip-Hop in it, save for a graffiti tagging character named

Rembrandt. When word of its getting the video game treatment initially spread, a

mixture of excitement and dread hit most aficionados of the classic B-movie.

Thankfully, Rockstar Games spared no detail in bringing the The Warriors

(Rockstar; PS2) video game to reality, impressively. Game play is

intuitive, especially for the millions no doubt familiar with past Rockstar

titles like the assortment of Grand Theft Auto games. Players can choose

to wreak havoc in Rumble Mode or play in the linear Story mode. You can also bop

your way throughout the game while alternately playing as any of the Warriors;

steady leader Swan, the brash Ajax, the doomed Cleon, etc. Although the game can

be easily finished in a week’s time, if not less, the ability to replay levels

and various side adventures maximize the games replay value.Besides

eventually replaying the events of the original flick, the game provides a nice

back story to the origins of the Warriors gang and how they earned their rep on

the streets of Coney Island. Late '70s slang is thick with horny gang members

freely relaying their desires for some new “wool” or calling those unfortunate

to be left in their paths “wimps”. Side adventures like crossing out rival

gang’s burners are another nice touch along with vintage images of NYC when it

was truly the Rotten Apple. With its “M” rating this game isn’t for the

faint of heart (come on, the film was rated R) since what it lacks in gunplay it

makes up for in lead pipes, machetes and baseball bats. After 25 plus years,

The Warriors, in all its forms, still holds its rep. Come out and