Game's Black Wall Street Issues Statement Denying Implicating 50 Cent

Representatives of

The Game's Compton label The Black Wall Street, have strongly refuted rumors and

news reports claiming that Game's brother, COO of The Black Wall Street, posted

a message on the company's online forum, implicating 50 Cent in the shooting that

occurred outside of New York radio station Hot 97 on Monday (Feb. 28).

Rumors kicked into high drive after 50 Cent officially booted

the Game from his G Unit click during an interview at Hot 97 radio station Monday.

After 50's revelation, gunfire erupted outside the radio station,

and 50 and his crew quickly left the scene.

A 23-year-old Compton, California man named Kevin Reed was shot

in the buttocks.

It has been confirmed that Reed was with Game’s Black

Wall Street entourage and was visiting New York for the first time.

Representatives of Black Wall Street said the company's site

was hacked days later when someone under the pretense of Bigfase100, the name

of Game's brother, posted phony comments on the website boards.

According to Black Wall Street, one fabricated message read,

"A member of their [Black Wall Street's] entourage was allegedly shot by

someone affiliate by 50 Cent and they are now holding 50 Cent responsible."

"The problem has been rectified by the site administrator

G-ride," said Black Wall Street in a statement. "We do not have all

the facts regarding the situation [between 50 and Game] and we will not comment

on the situation until we have all the facts."

The company also stated that any news source claiming to have

comments from Bigfase100 or any other member of Black Wall Street concerning

the incident between 50 Cent and Game would be completely without merit.

In related news, police in New York have announced that they

will closely monitor sites frequented by rappers, in an attempt to prevent further


“There is

going to be increased attention to rap," a high ranking police official

told the New York Daily News. “They can't feel they can come into New

York to settle a grudge."