Game's Manager Jimmy Henchmen Convicted Of Assault

James "Jimmy

Henchmen" Rosemond was recently found guilty of beating a Washington D.C.

disc jockey during an appearance with The Game, who Henchmen manages.

A jury found Henchmen

guilty of assaulting on-air personality Xzulu "The Big Lipped Bandit"

at 93.9 WKYS-FM in Lanham, Maryland.

“We respect

the jury’s verdict but we do not agree with their decision,” said

Rosemond's attorney Scott Srebnick. “We intend to pursue appropriate post

trial remedies in this case and look forward to the opportunity to provide our

side of the story at the disposition before the Honorable Judge McKee in April.”

The Game and an

entourage of 20-plus people appeared on Xzulu's radio show on Jan. 21, 2005,

weeks before the rapper's G-Unit/Aftermath debut, The

Documentary, topped Billboard's Top 200 album chart.

During an interview,

Xzulu allegedly made an off-color remark about Henchmen's cell-phone headset.

Police said a group

of men, including The Game, confronted the DJ shortly afterwards and kicked

and beat him, sending him to an area hospital with serious internal injuries.

On Feb. 14, 2005,

The Game was formally charged with assault and battery.

Prince George's

County Police started an investigation immediately after the incident was reported

and issued an arrest warrant for Henchmen on misdemeanor assault charges.

"The story

that's leaking out there is pretty much true," Xzulu

told shortly after the incident. "I was hospitalized

with multiple injuries. The person that did it was very recognizable, along

with his people. It definitely happened, and it happened over some nonsense.

Nonsense. I'm 35, not 25, and we're all brothers in this game. But we learn

some things as we go along. I think it's a shame that we are acting so primitive,

on both sides. Here you have a brother that is so talented. I think he has one

of the dopest albums to come out in a long time, and I think people make bad

decisions. I think that night he made a bad decision."

Radio One, which

owns WKYS, reportedly stopped playing Game's singles on their various stations

nationwide, in protest of the assault.

In April 2005,

another man came forward and said that he was assaulted as well. Kwasi Jones

filed a $280 million dollar civil-assault case against The Game, G-Unit, Shady

Records, and Aftermath Entertainment.

Jones also sued

the labels for being negligent, after a remix of "Hate It or Love It,"

(featuring 50 Cent), which originally appeared on The Documentary, featured

the Game rapping "I'm rap's MVP/Don't make me remind y'all what happened

in D.C."

Jones appeared

on the television show, "Celebrity Justice," after the remix was released

and said the song hindered his ability to recover from the beating. "I'm

still trying to get over the situation and the song doesn't help," Jones

told "Celebrity Justice."

When the video

premiered on BET, Game told the network: "To all the people at Radio One,

I'm being sincere; we're sorry about what happened in D.C. It'll never happen


During the trial,

various witnesses identified Henchmen as Xzulu's assailant. He faces up to ten

years in prison when he is sentenced April 3.

Sources told

charges against The Game were dropped.