Game Sells More Than Top 10 Combined, Police Investigate Assault

G Unit/Aftermath

artist The Game landed at the top of Billboard’s Top 200 Chart yesterday

(Jan. 26), moving almost 600,000 copies of his debut album The Documentary in

one week.

The Compton, California

native shipped 700,000 copies according to representatives for G-Unit/Aftermath/Interscope

and in many cases, stores were sold out the demand was so high.

The album actually

scanned 587,000 copies, selling more copies than the remaining Top 10 combined.

And while Game

should be celebrating, the party could be spoiled due to an altercation at a

Washington D.C. radio station that left a popular radio host with injuries.

Game and several

associates appeared Xzulu’s radio show and according to representatives

from the station, Xzulu, known as “The Big Lipped Bandit” made an

off color remark about Game’s manager’s cell-phone headset.

Shortly afterwards,

Game and a group of men confronted the DJ about his remark in the lobby of the

radio station.

Xzulu was allegedly

kicked and beaten by a group of men in Game’s entourage and sent to an

area hospital with serious injuries.

“There was

an incident and he [Game] is among the people identified,” a spokesman

for the Prince George's County Police stated. “There is an ongoing investigation.”

Representatives for Game declined to comment on the altercation.