Game Takes The Offensive, 50 Downplays ‘Beef’

The Game went on the offensive against rival 50 Cent at a Friday concert in Los Angeles.

Media outlets have been accused of instigating the situation, but the Game opted to spew, “G-Unit can suck my d**k” during a brief intermission in the show. Game specifically named 50 Cent, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Olivia and Violator Management.

Meanwhile, the police in New York still seek to speak with Game about a shooting that resulted in the brief hospitalization of a member of his entourage.

On the other side, 50 Cent is downplaying the beef after forcing Game out of the G-Unit clique and making several disrespectful claims against rappers in his native New York.

"A lot of things you hear out there is being said for shock value and not really as serious as people make it out to be," 50 Cent said on BET’s “106&Park” show.

This situation isn’t likely to be another supposed “East Coast/West Coast” feud, as Game has already connected with a number of rappers in New York for collaboration.

Many fans hope to avert the worst as seen in the tragic deaths of The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac.

“It's dangerous to be an emcee today, many emcees are fallen,” YoungBuck05 of’s Ill Community, “R.I.P. for all fallen soldiers. Don't forget that 50 Cent was Jay Master Jay's homey. Jay is dead and we don't know why. Many people die for nothing in Hip-Hop.”

Still, some fans appear galvanized, seeking to join in the fray.

KaviOne, also of the IC, said, “I'm a West Coast n***a for life. Let the rap wars begin. I'm ridin’ with The Game on this one.”