Game With Fame: Busta Rhymes Vs. Grand Theft Auto IV

AllHipHop Staff

“I love the game and I’m a big fan of it; that’s why I agreed to come out here and do it. I’m not the nicest motherf***er because this is a complicated game” says Busta Rhymes when asked about his chances of going up head to head against XBOX Live members on Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned.

An avid GTA fan, Busta has agreed to participate in Rockstar’s “Game With Fame” challenge where celebrities with enough courage to step up and join in on the multiplayer mayhem. On any given day over three hundred thousand online gamers are trading shots on the insanely popular Grand Theft Auto IV series, and the Rap icon has a big bullseye on him.

Other than the obvious addictive bullet riddled warfare, Busta states his appreciation for GTA is on a broader scale: “For the most part I can watch this movie as it unfolds from just being a fan of the game itself. A lot of games are like movies, but there is something about Grand Theft Auto IV.”

He continues, “Outside of the cut-scenes that may happen, this game has a continuity feel of a movie. You don’t have to wait for a cut scene to experience how ill Grand Theft Auto is as soon as you put the game in. I really got a chance to fall in love with Grand Theft with my kids. My kids are incredibly stupid nice with this game.”

After going back and forth between some Patron Tequila and Sprite Green, Busta is ready to get on the sticks. He grabs his seat, controller, and XBOX headset in that order. “Aight, I’m ready to bust that ass” he jokes.

Round 1

Match Type: Deathmatch

Location: South Bohan

In an everyman for himself setting, the most kills wins. From the jump Busta is hunted down and punished with a barrage of weapons and vehicles flying at him at high speeds. He takes numerous losses but that doesn’t stop him talking trash: “Ya’ll can bust my ass but I’m going to lie on twitter!” Bus’ continues to fend questions from fans as the action winds down. BustarhymesGWF doesn’t make it in the top five of kills.

Round 2

Match Type: Team Deathmatch

Location: Alderney Correction Facility

Now with some backup, Busta fairs a little better. He catches a couple kills with the use of the trusty sawed-off shotgun. He runs up to the watchtower and takes aim and racks up more points. “Okay, now I’m back on my bullsh*t!” he exclaims. BustarhymesGWF comes in second after his teammate xKINGSLIMx.

Round 3

Match Type: Race

Location: Algonquin

For the final round everyone gets tested on their motor vehicle skills with a race around Algonquin on bikes. All the gamers are equipped with bats, chains, and nightsticks taking road rage to another level. From the jump Busta takes an early lead on the entire pack. Some riders get close but end up getting viciously clocked off their bikes. BustarhymesGWF cruises for the easy win. “Ya’ll should know I’m nasty with the cars and bikes and all that there” he jokes.

Post Game Wrap-Up

After finishing strong, Busta is all smiles. When asked about the possibility of lending his voice to any upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV episodes he enthusiastically replies: “I would probably be the craziest nastiest character in the history in the game just because of the entertainment value of it. I love my job and I’m in the business of entertainment so I would want to be the most entertaining figure in the game.”