Gang Members Charged With Jacking Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa And Other Celebrities

AllHipHop Staff

Some hoodlums in L.A. have been busted for stealing millions from celebrity homes.

(AllHipHop News) A gang of criminals have been charged in connection with robberies at the Los Angeles homes of Rihanna and other celebrities.

Court documents show 10 men are facing felony charges, including conspiracy, burglary, and home invasion robbery, in connection with the crimes.

In addition to Rihanna, singer Christina Milian, and sports stars Yasiel Puig and Robert Woods were among those targeted, while investigators allegedly found a list of plans for invasions on other properties, including the homes of Matt Damon and LeBron James.

Ri Ri was not at home at the time of the alleged burglary in September, as she was in New York for the Met Gala.

Police were immediately called and three suspects were seen escaping her Hollywood Hills mansion after the break-in set off her alarm system.

According to police officials, the gang allegedly chose targets by looking through social media postings and schedules to determine who would be away from their homes.

Celebrities living in L.A. have experienced a spate of burglaries this year, with French Montana, Wiz Khalifa and Bella Thorne also targeted by thieves.