Gangsta Boo Clarifies 36 Mafia Comments

Gangsta Boo has

stepped forward to clear up confusion regarding a recent interview on,

which became the subject of intense scrutiny on radio stations throughout the


"In my hometown

[of Memphis], there was some misunderstanding like I was hating on my former

group and that's not the case," Boo clarified with "They

paved a certain way for me to get at this point. At the same time, I wanted

people to know that, its not just Le Chat and the other artists not getting

paid over there. I wasn't getting paid either."

Boo said much

of the audience misinterpreted her comments and that she was referring to the

artists that are with Hypnotized Minds, not Juicy J and DJ Paul, the brains

behind the camp's unique sound.

"I wanted

to separate the label from the artists, which included me at one point. We were

on TV acting like we had money. Paul and Juicy, on the other hand, they always

had the money, she said. "[People said], ‘How Paul and Juicy not going

to have no money and I just seen them on BET?'”

Boo said that

she had no hard feelings between her former label mates and that her leaving

was strictly a matter of business.

"I left because

I had to leave," Boo continued. "I still try to talk to them and call

them but they don't talk to me. Its like they don't like me. It aint that I

don't like them. They don't like me."

Boo clarified

that she was not trying to single LaChat and that there was no disrespect directed

towards her.

"For her

to think that I was bashing her, it kind of hurt my feelings, because that wasn't

my intent. I literally don’t know what [the other artists] pockets are.

I can only speak for myself…and how we used to talk about how we didn’t

have no money and how Paul and Juicy used to come in bragging about what they

just bought."

And while Boo

is offering the apology to her labelmates for the confusion, she was less reserved

when referring to Juicy J and DJ Paul.

"Paul and

Juicy – not the rest of them – I have no apologies. Point blank, because

they know what they did. Die-hard Gangsta Boo fans know I was loyal from day

one. I’m not going to sit over there and settle for less and say that ‘some

money is better than no money’ and my self esteem is shot down everytime

I step in the studio. It's not worth it," Boo concluded.