Gary Owen Blasts Mo'Nique For Calling Out Movie Producer Will Packer

'The Gary Owen Show' star stands up for the filmmaker.

(AllHipHop News) Will Packer is the producer behind motion pictures such as Stomp the Yard, Takers, Ride Along, Straight Outta Compton, and Girls Trip. While Packer is praised by some for employing black talent in commercially successful movies, Mo'Nique added the filmmaker as a target in her crusade against Hollywood.

The comedienne posted an Instagram video where she accused Packer of trying to "intimidate" her, "bully" her, and "ruin her character." Mo'Nique worked with the producer in 2016's Almost Christmas.

Fellow comic Gary Owen took issue with Mo'Nique's message. He posted his own IG video and the clip's caption reads, "I’m not gonna sit back & let ppl slander my [friend's] name. Not cool. [Mo'Nique] went [too] far with this one."

Owen says in his IG video, "She blames everybody... Will Packer has done more for black actors and actresses than just about anybody in the past 10 years." The stand-up veteran and Packer worked together on Ride Along, Think Like A Man, and Think Like a Man Too.

Packer left a comment under Owen's post that included some shade directed at Mo'Nique. He wrote, "If you choose to have someone speak for you that damages your relationships in this industry...that's YOUR fault. No one else's."

This was not the first time Gary Owen took aim at Mo'Nique. He previously mocked her video calling for a boycott of Netflix over what she perceived as racial and gender bias in contract negotiations.