Gasp! You Mean There Is Still Racism?

When did people begin acting as if racism died? Why is

it that when you read the newspaper and/or watch television, people act

as if Blacks and other ‘minorities’ are just plain lying when it comes

to speaking on being treated differently because of their background?

People continue to deny our claims, until they see a video like the one posted on this site, Woman Caught On Tape Racially Insulting Ex-Postal Worker.

This woman goes on a racial tirade against a helpless postal worker,

but swears during it that she’s not a racist. I’m not shocked. It’s

extremely common amongst people like her – to think that they did noting

wrong – and will not be penalized for speaking and/or thinking like

that.Amazingly, many racists feel that they

have the right to not only speak like this with no fear of retribution,

but that they are correct in their thinking. They feel they are above

the law – and since it’s against one of us – it’s their right, and as

long as they aren’t too blatantly racist, everything will turn out in

their favor. It’s a broken record; and what makes it even more

interesting is the IQ level of racists and bigots. Well, actually, it

runs across the boards because I’ve met CEO’s and Presidents of

companies who were racist, but it seems as if the more ignorant ones are

the ones who try to come across as being intelligent when they are just

the opposite.

Ah, the daily life of a Black person living in the United States of America.

It’s a shame that people don’t realize the daily shit

we put up with when we walk into a nice department store, into the

rundown grocery store, go to work and step on public transportation. I

just know there are people looking at me in a stereotypical manner

because of their own ignorance. I see the way white women grab their

belongings not realizing that I probably make more than them in a

legitimate job. I notice the salesman watching me when I go shopping at a

high end department store – wondering why I am in there – when he would

have to work three weeks to make what I make in one. I notice cops pay

very close attention to me and look up my license plates when they see

me driving in a late model luxury car, not knowing that they have to be

on the police force probably 10 years to match the salary I currently

make. And the only reason I am making these types of statements is to

show that it doesn’t matter what I do in life – and no matter where I

work- or what I do for work, I am still a nigger in their eyes…..

I’ve seen police officers harassing Blacks who happen

to be standing on a corner after a party, just talking and being told to

get out the area. And not being told in a respectful manner either.

They have the attitude like, keep the fuck off the corner or we’ll come

arrest you or even worse, do bodily harm. On the flip side, I have

witnessed, outside of posh white parties, the behaviors of drunken white

men, fighting in the streets and the officers just look at them, let

them calm down and politely ask them to leave or even help them get in a


No threats, no violence, just politeness.

Yet, as Blacks, we are taught to be very respectful of

authorities because it’s an unwritten law that they have the right to

treat us in any way they feel is right for them. But, in the YouTube

age, camcorders, flipcams and mobile phones, there will be more exposed

racism and yet, you will still see, as in the Oscar Grant case, no real

penalties for the racists….