Gay Rappers Respond In Droves To Trick Trick Comments


Members of the Gay and Lesbian Hip-Hop community have responded in droves to rapper Trick Trick’s recent unprovoked verbal attack.

Like many others, they were surprised by the inflammatory comments made by the Detroit artist regarding their lifestyle on his latest album.

During an interview to promote the album The Villain on Tuesday (November 11), Trick Trick shared his disdain for the homosexual lifestyle in a statement that referred to gays and lesbians in several derogatory slurs.

The statements were perceived by many as a publicity stunt, especially since they did not seem to be provoked by any one particular incident.

Los Angeles-based actor/ rapper and self-proclaimed “Homo Thug” Deadlee was not phased by Trick Trick’s taunts, nor threats.

“My first thought is to get crazy and warn him that this f**got will kick his ass -- but I am so on Cloud 9 with Obama winning, and the way he did it," Deadlee told "Obama was called a terrorist, unpatriotic, and the entire time kept his cool, I so wish I was like that. I know who I am and my self worth that I really don't give a f**k who or what a Trick Trick has to say. There is still a lot of hate against gays, and a Trick Trick just perpetuates the hate…so if Trick Trick really does plan on putting an AK to my head/I ain't going out like that! Trick Trick will be the only b***h that ends up dead!”

Trick Trick’s words were issued just one week after the state of California famously passed Proposition 8, a ballot initiative which amended the state's constitution to specifically define “marriage” as a union between a man and a woman.

Arizona and Florida passed similar bans on Election Day.

“It's most peculiar that a ‘straight’ man has so much time to be focused on us other folks yet alone a group of people he so called hates,” said Tori Fixx, commonly recognized as 'The God Father of Gay Hip-Hop.' “Thank you, Trick for keeping us in the limelight. We are apparently important enough to write songs about, so I thank you for that. But I surely hope no same gender loving person supports this record.”

Melange Lavonne, a Palm Springs-based rapper who will host an upcoming Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Hip-Hop Reality Show titled Urban Raiders, noted that tens of thousands of couples had their rights taken away as a result of the “Gay Marriage” bans.

“It is unwise for him to add fuel to an already lit fire that is getting even bigger,“ Lavonne told “Trick Trick can spew all the hate he wants, but Gays are not longer perceived as punks, sissies or wimps. We are fighting for equality and if that means that our life is on the line then so be it. We are willing and ready to die for our cause, I hope with his hate and anyone who supports and backs him, that they are willing to die for theirs. These are not the days of sit down and shut-up anymore, but a national movement that is bigger and more motivated than his small feeble minded thinking could've ever imagined.”

The LGBT movement did celebrate a victory yesterday (November 12), when the state of Connecticut performed it’s first legally recognized same-sex marriages, the result of a court decision passed in October.

Connecticut became only the second state, after Massachusetts, in which same-sex couples are now legally allowed the same rights as heterosexuals.

Khalil Amani, author of the book Hip Hop Homophobes, took aim at some of the chatter Trick Trick’s comments have sparked on and throughout the world.

“Some of these no-brainer Internet thugs/geeks are cosigning him—using the Bible as their moral compass,” Amani scoffed. “Listen to them! ‘You know da Bible says it's against Gawd's law’ What scripture? Shut-up, because most of y'all have never read the Bible! You're just parroting some s**t you heard Rev. Chickenfoot preach.”

Camilo Arenivar, founder of, an LGBT Hip-Hop blog site, was also tour manager for the ground breaking HomoRevolution Tour.

"I really can't get past the fact that Trick Trick calls himself that name,” joked Arenivar, producer of Urban Raiders. “With all of the homework he did on Rosie's cruises and gay adoption, he should have found out that a "trick" is a word heavily used in the gay community to describe what a gay hustler turns to make a buck.”

At press time, Trick Trick was not available for further comment.