Georgia Rapper Camoflauge Shot

Jason "Camoflauge" Johnson suffered

minor injuries after a shooting this weekend in Savannah, Georgia. While details

are still sketchy, police said the 20 year old was taken to Memorial Health

University Medical Center and later discharged.

Police reports said Camoflauge was found shot

at 12:35 AM Saturday in the first block of West 61st street. Reports said a

1984 green Buick LeSabre was processed for fingerprints and the scene. No arrests

have been made and there are no suspects in the shooting.

Camoflauge, who is signed to Pure Pain Records,

dropped two albums, I Represent and Strictly 4 Da Streets: Sex, Drugs

and Violence, Vol. 1.

"I rap what I live and I live what I speak.

I only know about the streets, therefore my life stories are real and I'm a

product of my environment," Camoflauge said. "We lived in the projects,

I dropped out of school, I ran the streets, but music became my escape. I've

done music for as long as I can remember because I liked everything about it

- the realness of it and I could be myself."

Savannah police agreed that Camoflauge's stories

may be too real. In summer of 2000, Camoflauge and an associate were charged

with the July death of Kenneth Capers. While the grand jury did not indict Camoflauge

or his associate, the police say Camouflauge is still a suspect in the death.

In 2001 Camoflauge was arrested and charged with

possession of crack outside of the Pure Pain studios, where he records his music.