German Rapper "Shoots At" Politicians, Faces Legal Action

German Rapper "Shoots At" Politicians, Faces Legal Action

(AllHipHop News) Nothing like explicit homophobia and violent threats to show us Hip Hop is the same all across the world. 34 year old German rapper Bushido has elicited a legal complaint from openly gay Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit over his controversial video "Stress Without Cause"

In the video, the man born Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi displayed homophobic and racist allusions and "crossed the line" according to Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich.

The rapper even appeared to make a violent threat to German lawmaker Claudia Roth by rapping "I shoot at Claudia Roth and she'll get holes like a golf course." In a television interview, he contends it was purely metaphorical:

"If I shoot, then I only do it with words and not with anything else."

The video was subsequently removed from YouTube:


In the end, the German rapper concedes he may have justifiably crossed the line:

"I may have overshot the mark a bit but I would not in any way excuse myself here."