Get Ready For A.O.L.


to rap pioneer Kurtis Blow,

he and Grandmaster Flash have co-founded A.O.L. (the

Alliance Of Legends), which boasts membership from

Kool Herc, DJ Hollywood, Kool DJ Red Alert, Afrika Bambatta

and Grandmaster Flash, the one who conceived the original

idea. The pioneers aim to maintain the spirit of old

school while making positive changes. "Our main

objective is to lock down the old school and keep the

tradition of the old school alive," Kurtis Blow

told "We want to do a lot of old

school jams every month."

Another one of A.O.L.’s

missions is to lessen the generation gap between the

old and new schools. "We are going to show the

new kids love. That’s all you hear about, these

old guys that are frustrated. ‘Aw man, we used

to do it like this and (the new school rappers are)

making all the money,’ he said. "Forget about

that. Let’s support their shine so that they can

come back and support us."

Concerned, he also said

that the group sought to mend the rift between rap and

"real hip hop." "A lot of the rappers

today say that they are not hip hop. 'Fuck hip hop.'

I heard somebody on a rap record say that," he

said. "I hear hip hoppers say that ‘rap is

not hip hop.’ That is so untrue. There’s a

big gap."

Within the community, Kurtis also said A.O.L., a non-profit

organization, will seek to help disenfranchised children

and organizations raise money. He cited several specific

causes including a marching band of "problem children"

being mentored by Tyrone "Fly Ty" Williams

of Cold Chillin’ Records fame. "We are going

to get back out there and start supporting our community.

This is what’s needed," Kurtis said. "And

we need our people to come out and support us."