Get Serius: Win-Win

What up world! Yes, it is him again. Serius Jones a.k.a. the Fight Klub King, a.k.a. the Cornerstore Entrepreneur a.k.a. the J-One-S the only great one left, back for the first time. I’m about to go in again and just vent some random thoughts in a real college professor-esque fashion as always. After getting my feet wet in this game it’s become clear to me that it’s the intangible aspect of life that is the most real. For example, it’s not the music, but the feeling that it gives you when it comes on in the club, car or wherever. It’s not the money, but the feeling of being able to live free and spend it without caring. Naamean?

Even though I’m on a money mission, I appreciate the attention that I’m being paid more than the direct financial reward for my talent. I want all those who read these impromptu journalizations I come up with to know that I’m in the process of constructing a musical monstrosity that is the testament to my very existence on this earth. (Damn) Therefore I apologize for the delay in writing back to y'all, but I’ve been utilizing every possible resource to make sure that Life Is Serius is the most classic Hip Hop album of all time. Why the f**k not?

I’ve been lighting fires under those who are affiliated with my project so that they can visualize the magnitude of what I’m talking about, but you know what the consensus is in this game. All these labels, execs, even the artists are singing the same song. Everybody’s scared to lose their job, and no one wants to take risks. Artists projects aren’t being pushed because, “The game is wack right now...” You damn right its wack right now - but why?

Is it possible that it has something to do with the fact that the same three R&B singers are used on every new artist's single? Could it be that rappers have accepted defeat and gave up on even trying to be respected as MCs? Or maybe it’s the trash albums and internet and downloads that have killed sales. Whatever it is, Serius Jones is the exception to every industry rule in the book. I found my way on BET and MTV when the “industry” wasn’t listening and I appreciate those of you who understand talent and are intelligent enough to see my artistry in more than one light. Soon it will all make sense…

Money, money, money. That’s always been the name of the game - any game. Even back when artists cared about making classic albums more than ringtone sales there was some rich White family that owned their masters and now has children that are running these same companies. Many artists don’t understand money, but personally I’ve been getting and spending money for years.

Anyone that knows me knows I’m not one of these rap buffoons running around holding up stacks of cash in front of cameras to convince people that I’m getting it (even though I’m an official hundredthousandaire). However my lifestyle cost so much energy and finance that that bread is more than half eaten before its even sliced. Trust and believe, this rap game is no game!!

I was flicking through the channels and I saw that Batman Forever sh*t in the crib, and something was said that was so real that it stood out to me. The older Indiana Jones face dude that was training Bruce Wayne said, “When a man devotes his life to an ideal, he becomes more than a man in the eyes of the people. He is eternal.” That’s some real deepness right there. I realized that without even knowing it I’ve been living by this philosophy.

This is why when I take my thoughts or energy and harvest them for a particular activity no matter how big or small, I go what I like to call “all the way in!!” It doesn’t matter if I’m fighting, f**king, rapping, balling, or grinding it’s all the same. Go hard or go home. That’s why you may see the veins popping out my damn neck screaming on whole neighborhoods in a battle, or see me freestyling on national television without second guessing what the outcome will be.

I refuse to entertain the possibility of failure because my life doesn’t allow me to lose. Winning isn’t a result, it’s a sport in itself. The more you win, the easier it becomes. After fighting for the right to breathe for so many years, I have made the decision that winning is the only option - and I am living my dreams into reality.

All of y’all who have been following my career from the ground up are taking this ride with me and I appreciate the love 100. Make sure you check my joint “Bang (W.ild Y.oung F.reak).” Feel free to get at me direct at and for new music and updates..

Let’s make this history! Life Is Serius the Blockumentary and Life Is Serius the album coming soon….