Geto Boys Prep New Album, Willie D. Moves Outside U.S.

Geto Boys member

Willie D. said that a new, untitled album by the group was recently finished.

The new album features

all three original group members and will be released before the end of the


"You know,

I can’t let the cat out the bag, but the one thing I can say is that I’m

very satisfied with it," Willie D. told "The Geto Boys

is essentially a business relationship. Aint no sense in getting out here and

faking the s**t. One thing I cant stand it when mother f***ers get out here

and say, 'Yeah, everything is beautiful and we ain’t gonna break up.'

And they know that they have already split up. They lying to try and protect

their image, their careers. They already might shoot videos with new members

and s**t. It is what it is."

The Geto Boys started in

1989 and were one of the first groups from the South to find major success in


In addition to his business

as a Geto Boy, the rapper recently moved to Baku, Azerbaijan, which is close

to Baghdad in Iraq.

"Business opportunities

made me move," Willie D. said. "I was messing with the real estate.

The world is bigger than the United States and if there is an opportunity abroad,

that’s where I am going."

While the opportunities

for business were ripe, Willie D. said that doing business in the country was

different than doing business in the United States.

"Things like making

a phone call is a bitch," the rapper complained. "They charge you

about $6 a minute and about $100 for two hours on the internet. The government

takes all that money and squeezes out anybody that comes in. You can’t

just come in there [and start a business]."

While it may be difficult

to start a business in Azerbaijan, Willie D. did give some advice for aspiring

business executives in the U.S.

"Our people need to

find some real estate. Its way more stable than the music game. Cats keep taking

all their street money and putting it in the rap game. Ninety-five percent of

them are going to fail and lose all that they have. You gotta be a dumb mother

f***er to fail in real estate. Real estate has a 91 percent success ratio."