Geto Boy’s Willie D Addresses Calling Stacey Dash, Charles Barkley, Raven-Symoné & Stephen A. Smith

Willie D is a member of one of the greatest Hip Hop groups of all time. The man born Willie James Dennis rose to prominence as part of the platinum selling Geto Boys by releasing authentic and honest street music.

That straightforward approach was extended in Willie D’s new single “Coon.” On the song, the Houston native calls out famous individuals such as Stacey Dash, Charles Barkley, Raven-Symoné, Stephen A. Smith, and Don Lemon. During an interview with Sway In The Morning, Willie D addressed calling those African-American celebrities coons.

“Their job is to regurgitate the sentiments of white supremacy. That’s why they get hired,” expressed Willie. “Why is it that they don’t have white, Hispanic, or Asian people hired to basically disparage their communities also? They don’t have anybody else that does that.”

He continued, “Every time there’s an issue in the black community they have these house Negroes and Sambos go out [and say,] ‘I think this…’ They always go with the side of the oppressor. They always side with the cops. They always side with the person who is accused of doing wrong to the black community or a black person. You know why? They can’t say anything else or they would be fired.”

Willie D also suggested African-Americans should make it “unsafe” for “coons” to travel within the black community. The “Clean Up Man” rapper defined a coon as someone whose criticism of the black community outweighs their contribution to the black community.

Listen to Willie D’s “Coon” and watch his interview below.