Ghostface Killah Wants To Record A "Positive Album" About His Islamic Faith

(AllHipHop News)  From Kendrick Lamar opening his critically acclaimed, gold selling album good kid, m.A.A.d. city with a prayer to Christian emcee Lecrae becoming the first rapper to ever win the Best Gospel Album Grammy award, the discussion of faith in Hip-Hop has become widely accepted on a larger scale again.

Ghostface Killah says he wants to explore the topic in a future project as well. The New York City native has long incorporated the philosophy of The Five Percent Nation into his work, but he tells Fact Magazine that he now wants to do an entire LP focused on his relationship with God.

"I wanna rhyme about God, I wanna do a God album," says the Wu-Tang Clan member. "God put me here to teach people and to lead people to his direction. I’m not a Christian, I’m a Muslim but God is one. I just believe in the Most High. I know what my duty is."

Ghostface has long be viewed by many in the Hip-Hop community as one of its brightest storytellers. Classic albums like Ironman, Supreme Clientele, and Fishscale paint vivid pictures with lyrics. GFK gives all credit for his ability to put words together to Allah.

"It comes from the Most High. It comes from God man, there is no other place where it comes from," says Ghost. "I pray for him to keep my mind open, and that’s it. Don’t close it on me yet, I’m not finished. I still got a story to tell."

The man also known as Tony Stark released his 10th studio album this week. Twelve Reasons To Die is a concept album produced by composer Adrian Younge (Black Dynamite) and narrated by fellow Wu member RZA. The LP is based on a comic book of the same name that centers around a 1960's era organized crime syndicate.

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Watch the new video "Rise of The Ghostface Killah" off Twelve Reasons To Die below.