Ghostface Launches Label, Signs With Def Jam

Wu-Tang's Ghostface

Killah has launched his own label, Starks Enterprises & has signed

a deal with Def Jam. Ghost is aiming to release his untitled album before the

end of this year. "They on top right now. They control the radio, it's

bananas," Ghostface told

Ghostface released

Ironman, Supreme Clientele and Bulletproof Wallets while

under contract to Epic. The three albums sold well and were well received by

critics and fans alike. "We not gonna change nothing. Going from Epic to

Def Jam is like going from the Padres to Yankees," he continued. Epic is

preparing to release a greatest hits compilation by Ghostface October 21, titled

The Wonderful World Of Wallabees.

"If you listen

him rhyme, he is one of the greatest," Lyor Cohen, Chairman of the Island

Def Jam Music Group told "Our job is done if we can just

get people to realize just how great of a lyricist he really is."

Ghost said that

after his first album for Def Jam hits the stores, he will drop a compilation

of Starks Enterprise artists. The Stapleton Project will feature Supreme, Wigs

and Trife, amongst others. The compilation will hit stores sometime next year.

"Everybody knows what Def Jam capable of doing. We aint gonna change nothing."