Ghostface Seeking To Open School In Africa, Launches Film Company

Ghostface wants to show his charitable side, by creating a foundation that will build a school for impoverished youth, in a yet-to-be named town in Africa."I went to Africa and I saw the babies," Ghostface told "I wanted to do something positive and I'm like hell yeah I'm with it. So we are we going to knock that out real quick."Ghost's manager Mike Caruso added that the rapper would like to have Oprah Winfrey run the foundation, due to the charitable work Winfrey has already done on the continent."A lot of people necessarily wont trust some rap star in the business and send him money and funds to develop the school," Caruso said. "He thinks that Oprah Winfrey would be the person that he would want to reach out to start and control the foundation for him. We're already in the infant stages of getting a plan together to build a school over there."Winfrey herself is in the process of funding the building of school's in South Africa, where millions of children are homeless and orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.Over 11 million children under the age of 15 living in sub-Saharan Africa have lost at least one parent to HIV/AIDS.Estimates state that seven years from now the number will have grown to 25 million.At that point, anywhere from 15 percent to over 25 percent of the children in a dozen sub-Saharan African countries will be orphans.In related news, Ghostface recently launched a new venture, Starks Films and is currently developing a film, titled "Raccoons," about an Italian killer on the run from the mob.[The Italian killer] is on the run from the mob, Caruso continued. "He runs with four black hustlers and they go cross country robbing these overnight deposit boxes. The mob is looking for the kid, the urban guys are looking for the hustlers and the Feds are looking for them all.""Raccoons" is being produced by Ryan Johnson, who formerly worked with Mandalay Pictures and will be directed by Rick Morgan, who filmed Jay-Z's retirement show at Madison Square Garden, in November in New York.The movie has received funding in excess of $1 million dollars and is currently being re-written.