Gil Scot-Heron Busted In Crack House


Scot-Heron, who's early '70s recordings raised

a few eyebrows, was busted last weekend in a crack house

on 144th street by the NYPD. Gil Scot, whose song "The

Revolution Will Not Be Televised," has been adapted

by countless Hip-Hop acts, is considered by some to be the

Godfather Hip-Hop music.

A warrant for

his arrest was executed due to the fact that he had skipped

a previous court date for another drug related arrest. Scott-Heron's

former girlfriend, Monique Delatour, said he had been living

in the crack house for about a year. "If he doesn't

stop doing crack, he's going to die," she said. Last

year, the Scot-Heron was was arrested after assaulting Delatour.