Gilllie Da Kid On ‘Welcome To Gilladelphia’, A Major Figgas Album, & Not Boxing Soulja Boy (Video)

(AllHipHop News) Philly's own, Gillie Da Kid, continues to share his creativity. Yesterday (Jan. 14), while in his hometown of Philly at Batcave Studio, the gifted MC opened up to HipHopSince1987 and discussed a myriad of topics. Among these topics were the subjects of his debut album, his thoughts on a Major Figgas project, and his reaction to question regarding Soulja Boy.

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"I got that Welcome to Gilladelphia out right now," advised Gillie. He then announced that the Stacy Barthe-assisted "Not Ready To Go" will be the next release from the project. Of course the subject of a possible Major Figgas album came up, to which Gillie offered, "You know, we might start doing some things. We all still deal with each other -- f*ck with each other--so, it's all love."

As the exchange progressed, the self-professed King of Philly, answered questions about the 2015 boxing match with Soulja Boy that never happened. "We ain't even gonna talk about Soulja Girl. He didn't want to sign that paperwork. I was gonna put hands and feet on him," jabbed Gille. The confident wordsmith soon added, "You know what I mean, beat the gaddam antifreeze out of him. But he didn't want to put them gloves on. So, we're gonna leave that alone. I'll see him when I see him."

Gillie goes on to announce that new music is on the way. "Welcome to Gilladelphia, Part 2 and King of Philly, Part 4 -- I'm dropping mixtapes and I'm dropping albums," said the outspoken MC. Crediting his "consistent" work-ethic, Gillie promises that musically 2016 will be a good year. He then suggest that KOP 4 may drop in March while the album may come out in July.

Watch the full video as it contains information about his upcoming movie, Blood Brothers, his social media popularizing his catch phrase, "right," and his new track with Boozie Badazz entitled, "I'm the Man."