Girlfriend Of Chicago Rapper Belo Convicted Of Bribing A Witness

Felicia Hamilton,

girlfriend of Darnell “Belo” Smith, the Chicago rapper accused of murder,

has been convicted of obstructing justice and communicating with witnesses, after

she paid a witness $1,000 to lie in court. Belo

is accused of murder, after he allegedly shot a man during a gang-related fight

back in November of 2002. According

to the Chicago Sun-Times, Hamilton was caught, when a witness admitted that they

had been bribed and wore a wire to catch Hamilton in the act."It

goes right to the heart of the criminal justice system,'' said Assistant Cook

County State's Attorney Karen Kerbis in the Chicago Sun-Times. "We see recants

every day in courtrooms. We become so immune to it.'' Hamilton,

who was convicted last week after a bench trial, faces one to three years in jail.


trial is scheduled to begin on July 9. Belo

is a member of the Chicago rap group Do Or Die. The group has released seven albums

and recorded with Twista, Kanye West, Scarface, and Ja Rule. Belo's

solo album The Truth was released fall of last year on Chicago’s Legion