Glasses Malone Ousted From Utah Prom Performance

AllHipHop Staff

A student-selected prom performance from Glasses Malone was recently aborted by school officials on the grounds of “inappropriate music.”

The students of Clearfield High School selected the West Coast emcee as part of a radio contest from station U92, which agreed to bring in an artist or band for the winning school.

After students sent close to 10,000 texts messages, Clearwater was selected to receive an exclusive concert from Malone.

However, school administrators immediately nixed the scheduled concert once the Watts native’s lyrics were reviewed.

“The type of songs he does is not appropriate for our school functions,” Principal John Mills stated to the Standard-Examiner.

Although Malone singles “Certified” and “Haters” have been cleared for airplay by the Federal Communications Commission, U92 radio promotion coordinator Sergio Sanchez explained that Utah maintains higher conservative values than other states.

“Utah is a conservative state. These artists are welcome at any school in any state in the country,” Sanchez explained. “I feel bad for the school and kids. It’s not an issue with the kids. They know and understand the music, but the adults have a different perspective.”

Glasses Malone will still complete a concert this Saturday (April 18) in Salt Lake City.

At press time, Malone’s debut album Beach Cruiser is set to be released on June 9.

The LP features production from DJ Toomp and Midi Mafia, and appearances from Lil Wayne, Akon, and Bun B.