Gmac Cash’s “Coronavirus” Song Goes Viral

Fatima Barrie

Detroit rapper Gmac Cash has gone viral with his new “Coronavirus” song.

(AllHipHop News) The spread of the coronavirus has left many stuck at home, social distancing for safety purposes.

It’s also caused a jump in people spending more time online, recreating dance challenges, musicians participating in virtual concerts on Instagram live, and so much more.

Detroit rapper Gmac Cash has released a song and music video about the virus, which has garnered over a million views on Instagram.

“Coronavirus” is a comedic track that discusses the pandemic, touches on the scary reality and precautions everyone should take, including washing your hands.

The video shot by Ayeonino, features Gmac Cash wearing protective gear such as a mask with the words “move” and an all-white jumpsuit.

The video is apart of the #CoronairusChallenge.

Other songs about the virus have also gone viral, including “Coronavirus” by iMarkkeyz, which turned Cardi B’s popular Instagram video into a song and charted on iTunes.

Check out Gmac Cash’s viral video down below.