Goodie Mob Greatest Hits On The Way, Cee-Lo Speaks

Goodie MOb will issue

a greatest hits package, Dirty South Classics encompassing the work of

the group from all three of their gold-certified albums dating back to 1995.

The album will

feature past collaborative efforts with Outkast, such as “Black Ice (Sky

High)” as well as the group’s debut song, “Cell Therapy.”

After gaining critical

acclaim with their first two albums, Soul Food and Still Standing,

Goodie MOb released World Party to poor reviews as they reached for more

mainstream appeal.

When news came

that group member Cee-Lo would release a solo album amid the lukewarm reception

to World Party, speculation began that the group was breaking up.

Cee-Lo, however,

refuted that claim, but hinted that the period of time may have lead to the

group ultimately breaking up.

“I wanted

to do a solo album just to do it,” Cee-Lo told “Not

to break up and they [the group] didn’t support it.”

The MC turned soul

singer was receptive to the idea of a greatest hits album as a way for younger

fans to learn about Goodie, as he explained that he, T-Mo, Khujo, and Big Gipp

are finished recording together as a group.

“I think it’s

cool, since the rest of these fellas done messed it up so bad, we ain’t

never gonna get back together,” he said. “There was hope at one time,

but they done been so slanderous and disrespectful. You know, they attempting

to do an album without me, One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show.”

News broke that

the group would be calling it quits when Cee-Lo made the announcement last October

at the Shortlist Award ceremony.

Prior to breaking

up, Arista Records announced they were dropping the group from their label group,

which occurred around the same time group member Khujo was involved in a serious

car accident that resulted in his right leg being amputated below the knee.

Dirty South

Classics will be released December 16 and the remaining members of the group

are expected to release new material early next year under the tentative title

One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show.

Cee-Lo is set to

follow up his critically acclaimed Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections,

with a new album January 20 titled Cee-Lo Green Is the Soul Machine.