Goodie Mob Reunites For Show This September

AllHipHop Staff

All members of Atlanta rap group Goodie Mob will reunite for a one-time performance at a concert this September.

The original collective featuring Big Gipp, T-Mo Goodie, Khujo, and Cee-Lo Green will perform the Masquerade Music Park as part of the 'Remember Atlanta' festival.

“The Goodie Mob Reunion is something we have collectively talked about doing for a long time. The people have called for it, and with the state of the union the way it is, the time is right,” said Cee-Lo Green in a statement.

The concert is being promoted by local event company Shameless Plug Promotions, which has produced events for Devin Da Dude, Drake and others in Atlanta.

“This show means a lot to the people of Atlanta,” said Jabari Graham, one-fourth of the do-no-wrong new events group, Shameless Plug Promotions. “I grew up in Atlanta back when Dungeon and La Face were doing their thing. We knew this reunion show has been in the works for years; so to be a part of making this concert happen is just remarkable for us. For so long, Atlanta has been labeled as swag or crunk, so a lot of acts may feel they shouldn’t make a stop here. We know ATL is more than that and we’re out to prove it.”

The Goodie Mob concert takes place at Masquerade in Atlanta on Saturday September 19, 2009.

Doors open at 7:00 pm. Tickets for ‘Remember Atlanta’ went on sale Saturday (August1) through Ticketmaster.

Other unannounced members of the Dungeon family will also make appearances during the concert.

The group has been working on a solo album since they announced their reunification in 2005.

"There never really was [any] animosity,” Big Gipp told shortly the group reunited. “It’s just, when people grow up and grow in different directions, sometimes you run into times when you’ve got to do things on your own.”

No release date is available for Goodie Mob's solo album.