Goodie Mob Reuniting With All Four Members, Planning Album

Following the trail

of Geto Boys and the like, the legendary Goodie Mob has reunited to release an

album featuring all four original members, according to once departed Goodie Mob

colleague Big Gipp.

“All four of us are back in contact,” Gipp told

Goodie Mob’s breakup three years ago spurred reports that founding members

– Cee-Lo, Khujo, T-Mo, and Gipp – conflicted as Atlanta made room

for the duo OutKast.

But comparing the squad’s split to that of the Geto Boys, who also divided

and are now back together, Gipp insisted that members of the Mob departed due

to separate solo aspirations.


never really was [any] animosity,” said Gipp. “It’s just,

when people grow up and grow in different directions, sometimes you run into

times when you’ve got to do things on your own.”

Two years ago, as the Goodie Mob was announcing their greatest

hits collection, Dirty Soul Classics, however, Cee-Lo explained that

he couldn’t foresee a reunion.

“We ain’t never gonna get back together,” Cee-Lo told

at the time. “There was hope at one time, but they done been so slanderous

and disrespectful. You know, they attempting to do an album without me [One

Monkey Don’t Stop No Show].”

Cee-Lo was the first to part ways, releasing his debut solo

album, Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections, in 2002, then Cee-Lo

Green is the Soul Machine in March 2004. The remaining three Goodie Mob

MCs released One Monkey Don't Stop No Show in June 2004.

Gipp, who left the group afterward, has plans to release a collaboration

album titled Kinfolk with St. Lunatics member Ali.

Goodie Mob is often noted for pioneering southern rap on a major scale, at a

time when the East and West Coasts dominated the rap scene. The Atlanta group

released their first album, Soul Food, in 1995.

The scheduled release date of the Goodie Mob reunion LP has

not been announced.

Last month, remaining

members Khujo Goodie and T-Mo Goodie released Livin’ Life Like Lumberjacks

under their new moniker The Lumberjacks, featuring production from Organized

Noize, Goodie Mob, Coolbreeze and other Dungeon Family artists.

Gipp also makes an appearance on the album.