Gospel Rapper Kurtis Blow Hits The Road; Debuts New Group The Trinity

Hip-Hop pioneer Kurtis Blow and his group The Trinity are hitting the road as part of the Hip Hop Ministry Tour, which aims to spread the messages of the Bible and Jesus Christ.

The tour, which is sponsored by Internet website Visit Florida, also features guest appearances by other 'holy Hip-Hop' artists, including Noah, Urban D and west coast Tha Gim.

Kurtis Blow, a pioneering Hip-Hop artist is now a licensed minister and preaches around the country. He will perform new music from the Hip Hop Ministry compilation album and debut songs from his new group The Trinity, which consists of Blow, Louisville Kentucky rapper Chris Flow and Ricky B.

The Trinity is preparing their upcoming release Just Do It, which features appearances by Ted Mills of Blue Magic, rapper T-Bone, Mr. Solo of the Gospel Gangstaz, B.B.Jay, Blue Chip of the Righteous Riders, and Pettidee.

"The tour will be a great opportunity to promote the music, and ministry but first and foremost we want to see lives changed," Trinity member Ricky B. said.

Both Ricky B. and Chris Flow are also preparing solo albums. Ricky B's Great Gains is due in stores August 14, while Chris Flow's Kentucky Fried Faith will hit stores later this year.

"The Hip Hop Ministry Tour" is a God sent ministry that will bring the Hip Hop generation to salvation," Chris Flow said.

For more information visit: http://www.trinityhiphop.com/

Tour dates are listed below:

JUNE8 Las Vegas, NV9 Phoenix, AZ10 Los Angeles, CA13 Plainview, TX14 Lawton, OK15 Tulsa, OK16 Killeen, TX17 Houston, TX21 St Louis, MO22 Chicago, IL24 Detroit, MI27 Maryland, VA28 Washington DC29 Richmond, VA

JULY1 Tampa, FL4 Augusta, GA5 Chester, SC6 Greenville, SC7 Boston, MA / Albany, NY8 Burlington, VT