Governing Over Hip Hop: Talks With El Prez

Through utilizing the perfect blend of lyricism and California flow, El Prez has been tearing up speakers from sea to shining sea for some time now. But most recently he's found himself as one of the voices of reason in DEMOS a brand new Hip Hop documentary out now!

If you aren't familiar with El Prez, it's time to get familiar with him! He's not only an extremely talented emcee, he's also kicking knowledge back to the culture and educating other emerging artists! caught up with El Prez and sat down to discuss his career and what this music means in the grand scheme of things! Please check out the interview with El Prez! Thanks so much for taking a few moments out for us sir, let’s just get right to it! For those who aren't familiar with your work, can you please share with us how you got started.

I got started rapping in a group in college, then I ventured out on my own back in 2007 and started popping up on all the popular blogs/sites, doing shows, and working with all of the dope artists in LA. Ok cool. Now how did you come to be in the DEMOS documentary that's out now?

I'm in the DEMOS documentary thanks to the Director/Producer of the film, Kareem Fort. He's followed my career and interviewed me on several occasions before, so he's witnessed my grind and how hard I go with my music throughout the country. He's also seen the help I've provided other artists by connecting people so when it came time for the DEMOS documentary I was one of the first people he contacted. Can you please speak on your biggest musical influences thus far and how or what their influence contributes to your music?

 My biggest influence has been the City of Angels, because its the environment that I'm engulfed in and it's represented in every aspect of my music. It's a part of my conscience so you hear it every time I step in the booth. Other than that some of my rap idols are cats like Nas, Kurupt, Hova, the usual suspects. Of course! (laughter) Alright so what do you hope that your music reflects to the listener?

I hope my music reflects the lifestyle that we live in the city. It's a laid back place but just as hectic as NYC, so you have to grind and hustle hard to survive in LA, yet we enjoy the best weather on earth year-round so that lighter slice of life is represented well on my projects. I have a laid back persona and you can hear that the second you press play. E.P. what is one thing the fans don’t know about you that you wish they did?

I wish that fans could truly see all the hard work and dedication that goes into making records and appreciate this music a little more. Maybe if they saw all the behind-the-scenes work involved they wouldn't be so quick to treat the music like its disposable. Fans need to sit with these records longer and appreciate great music. So can you give us just three words that best describe your view of your music?

Urban. Street. Americana. Nice! What’s in the pipeline for you at the moment? Who are you working with and what can we expect?

At the moment I'm working on two projects, a collab EP with a west coast producer named Jansport J, that's in the same vein of a 'MadVillain' and 'Below the Heavens'. Which is basically a rapper and producer combining forces for a whole project of hard rhymes and crazy sampled beats. I also have a untitled tape dropping this summer so I'm definitely working! Please tell the people how they can keep up with you!

You can follow the LEADERSH!T by copping the album at all digital music outlets, and you can keep up with my crazy life at IAMELPREZ.COM or on twitter at @elprezdeLA. Salute to my WGGP compadre Sean Falyon, Kareem Fort and DEMOS, and Inglewood CA.

Thanks again to EL Prez for the chop up session. We look forward to hearing the forthcoming music and be sure to check him out in the DEMOS Documentary!

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