Government After Master P.'s Assets Over Tax Bill In The Millions

AllHipHop Staff

The government is looking to tax Master P's pockets. Read more.

(AllHipHop News) In the past week, rappers T.I. and Nas were hit with massive tax bills from the IRS, and we can add one more mogul to that list.

Master P is being targeted by the IRS, for refusing to pay a back tax bill of over $1.5 million dollars.

The government is seeking to tax P on earnings he made from 2004 to 2008, which totaled over $1,500,000 bucks.

The IRS is placing liens on multiple properties Master P owns, and they plan on seizing his assets in California if he doesn't pay up ASAP.

Earlier this week, it was revealed the IRS was seeking over $6 million dollars from T.I., while Nas is reportedly in the hole to the IRS to the tune of $359,000.

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T.I. will have to get back in the streets and do some undercover work hes gonna hafta rat off a whole lotta people to make 6 million dollars worth of back taxes disappear