Governor Of Kentucky Starts Beef With Lil Wayne; Calls Rapper "Tired Has Been"

A weird beef is brewing between a career politician and Lil Wayne.

(AllHipHop News) For some reason, the Governor of Kentucky has a big problem with rap star Lil Wayne.

Governor Matt Bevin unleashed his anger on Lil Wayne over his half-time performance with Imagine Dragons over the weekend.

Many fans apparently thought the artists were going to be performing inside of Levi's stadium in Santa Clara, where Clemson defeated Alabama with the final score being 44-13.

But both the acts half-time shows were streamed live from Treasure Island in San Francisco, which is 40 miles from the venue.

Governor Bevin ripped Wayne a new one over his show.

"Way to ruin an entertaining @Imaginedragons half-time concert with the weird rantings of a tired, has-been like @LilTunechi... One act still rising...The other, not so much," Governor Bevin tweeted at Lil Wayne.

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bruuuh juss bored that he want to see lil waynes work on him

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