Grammy Winning Producer Jim Jonsin Heads To Nashville With A New Label

Producer Jim Jonsin has relocated to Nashville, Tennessee with his new rap label.

(AllHipHop News) Grammy award-winning producer Jim Jonsin has his eyes set on Nashville, with his new record label Oak Hollow.

The producer, who has produced hits for Eminem, Beyonce, T.I., Lil Wayne and others, relocated to Nashville in 2016.

According to Jim, he's looking to shake up Nashville's traditional country music scene with Hip-Hop music.

The producer has already signed Nathan “Littlefoot” Fouts, who is the first artist signed to Hollow Oak.

"I've had years of experience and rarely get surprised by an artist these days," Jim Jonsin said. "What I love most about Nathan is his ability to borrow from the greats of the past while always staying current."

According to Jim, Littlefoot is a perfect blend of rap, pop, and soul.

The first single Hollow Oak is promoting from Littlefoot is titled "For You” and is available now.

"Jim pushes me to not settle for crap just because it came out of my mouth," Littlefoot explained. "He strives for perfection and has taught me so much about making real records.”