Grand Master Flash Gets Sirius, Launches New Radio

Hip-Hop icon and pioneering turntabilist DJ

Grandmaster Flash has signed with Sirius Satellite

Radio for a new weekly mix show, the company announced today (April 7).

The Bronx native, who was nominated for the Rock &

Roll Hall of Fame last year along with the Furious Five, will spin a variety of musical genres each week on his “Flash Mash” show, which will air on Saturdays from 6pm to 9pm.

“I’m using the same template for the new show that I used in 1971, before hip-hop started – a combination of pop, rock, jazz, blues and R&B,” Flash said in a statement.

The DJ will also incorporate a bit of history into each show as well.

“I’ll be talking about the use of samples, what certain songs mean and were they came from, and playing what I feel, “ he said.

Flash added he would be scouring the world for new talent to play on the show.

“I’m calling out to all the labels throughout the world to send me their stuff, because this is going to me an amazing mix.”

Grandmaster Flash joins 50 Cent, whose G-Unit Radio debuted last week, along with Tony Touch and DJ Muggs, as the latest rap acquisitions by Sirius radio.