Grandmaster Flash Comments On Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nomination

Grandmaster Flash

& The Furious 5 made history when the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced

the group was being considered for induction into the prestigious museum's list

of all-time great recording artists, a first for any Hip-Hop act.

No recording artist

is eligible until 25 years has passed from the release of their first record.

Flash, along with Grandmaster Melle Mel, Kid Creole, Cowboy, Rahiem and Scorpio

began recording in the mid 1970's.

"It feels

wonderful that an organization such as this has taken notice of one of the groups

that has done so much for the building blocks of Hip-Hop, who unfortunately

just barely missed the video age," Flash told "You

see its unfortunate in such an incredible time for Hip-Hop that no other organization

has taken the time to look back to the beginning, when so many other organizations

care for their own, hit record or not."

Flash said that

he has always received the support of Hip-Hop, with the Furious 5 and with his

outside endeavors.

"Life is great

in my career as a producer/DJ/entertainer," Flash said. "Hip-Hop is

huge enough now that it is of the utmost urgency that today’s fans and

supporters know about the people that helped build this."

Like fellow pioneer

Afrika Bambaataa, who recently founded the Universal Federation for the Preservation

of Hip Hop Culture, Flash said that the early days of Hip-Hop and the groups

that helped shape the artform need more recognition.

"It wasn’t

just my group alone, there are so many who have NO video footage, archival means

or hit records to display," Flash continued. "The

world of Hip-Hop needs to know who these people were. Did you know that Hip-Hop

was created in 1971? When will we start looking back to teach the new heads [what] they need to know?"

Still, Flash acknowledged

that the group receiving a nod from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was a milestone

for the group.


a pleasure to receive this nomination and hopefully go all the way and once

again make history! I have to take my hat off and thank you Rock & Roll Hall

of Fame. If we win, I do it in honor of all the heads that helped build this

culture from its humble beginning and make it a worldwide phenomenon."