Grandmaster Flash Designs New Mixing Board

Grandmaster Flash has teamed with electronics

company Rane to create a custom mixing board for DJ's. Flash says the Empath

board incorporates little extra's that will make a DJ's life much easier.

''They fought me on a lot of it, but I had to

tell them that this is what a DJ needs when he's in the booth,'' Flash told

the Athens-Banner Herald. The board will feature three kinds of jacks to plug

into (XLR, quarter-inch and RCA), features its own power converter and an Automatic

Gain Circuit, which will correct the sonic deficiencies in vinyl.

''A lot of times, when you invent something,

it doesn't even leave the drawing board, but I have to thank God for looking

after this crazy thing I was doing -- and for letting me still be able to do

it after 20-something years," Flash said.

Flash is currently touring the United States

and Europe to promote 'The Official Adventures of Grandmaster Flash and

a new album titled Essential Mix: Classic Edition. Flash is also working

to launch his record label, Adrenalin.