Grandmaster Flash To Be Featured On CBS, Embarking On Tour

Grandmaster Flash will appear on CBS' Sunday

Morning News explaining the history of the turntable.

Accompanied by his first student Grand Wizard

Theodore, Flash explains his role as the first DJ to cut on the turntables,

his rebuilding of the mixer and the endless search for the proper needles.

The show also takes a look at Berklee College

of Music in Boston, the first major educational institution to teach a class

devoted to turntablism

"It's a very interesting piece," Catherine

Kim, producer of the segment told "This is ther first time

CBS has done a feature on turntablism. We talked to a variety of DJ's for the

segment, including DJ Radar, D-Styles and other upcoming DJ groups."

Radar teamed with jazz piano artist Raul Yanez

and together produced the critically acclaimed "Concerto for Turntable,"

the first concerto piece with a full orchestra that utilize's a single turntable

as a musical instrument.

In related news, Flash, who recently received

an award signed by billionaire Bill Gates for being the first DJ to utilize

the turntable an instrument, will embark on an educational tour.

"I'm going out on a 30 College tour to breakdown

the science of the turntable, the mixer and the needle," Flash told

"It's all about to happen and I am about to set it all straight."

The show is tentavily scheduled to air on CBS

Morning news on Sunday, March 28.

Check local listings for times.