Gravediggaz Re-Released

Empire Musicwerks announces the long awaited

and widely hailed re-release of "Nightmare In A-Minor", the full length album

from hip-hop group, Gravediggaz. The record

was originally released independently, and is now being distributed by BMG.

The record is scheduled to hit shelves on April 9, 2002. "This is an incredible

effort from Gravediggaz that deserves to be in every true hip-hop lover's collection,"

says Paul Klein, President and CEO of Empire Musicwerks. "We are totally committed

to promoting this superb album to the masses."

Shortly after the album was completed, founding

group member, Poetic ended his long fight with colon cancer and passed away

shortly after the album's completion. In keeping with the late Poetic's wishes,

Frukwan promises to forge on and feels satisfied that Poetic lived to see their

finest album reach completion. "I am very excited that the world will finally

get to hear the album courtesy of Empire Musicwerks and the distribution from

BMG", says Frukwan, "Poetic's legacy and vision for Gravediggaz will live on

through his work...past and present." Guests on the album include Prince Paul

and members of Killarmy. The first single is entitled, "False Things Must Perish".

Frukwan is planning a tour to promote, "Nightmare In A-Minor", and has already

begun work on his debut solo album due Summer 2002.