Green Lantern Talks Future Business, DJ Drama Situation

Despite the current microscope being put on mixtape DJs, Green Lantern appears unfazed.

In fact, the turntablist is setting his sights on bigger fish with a new radio show and artists under his tutelage.

"I just started my brand new radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio Hip-Hop Nation Channel 40, Monday nights 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. " Green Lantern told

The popular DJ can already be heard every Tuesday night from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on New York's Hot 97 radio.

"It's called The Invazion and it features myself [and] my cast of characters which includes Team Invazion, my people. I have the one and only Pain In Da Ass with me for all controversial, shocking and awing episodes every week. Incredible, entertaining radio."

Occupying radio airwaves isn't the only thing Green Lantern is excited about as he revealed his latest endeavor.

"I also have the craziest artist in New York City right now, Uncle Murder, signing a major deal," Green Lantern continued. "There's a retarded song on the radio right now called 'Bullet Bullet.' Funkmaster Flex is going crazy, Mr. Cee is going crazy calling it the new 'Wanksta.' It's crazy in the street and it's only been out for six days, and I produced that song so holla at that."

As Uncle Murder builds his buzz, Green Lantern realizes the rapper would not be a topic of conversation, if not for his underground following via mixtapes.

Overall, Green Lantern views the recent arrest of mixtape fixture DJ Drama as nothing more than a ploy by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to find a remedy for a deeper issue.

"Shoutout to [DJ] Drama, first of all. Hold your head homey," he said. "I think that the RIAA thing is a little bit scapegoating and misunderstanding and a whole lot of frustration with the lack of record sales the past two years, and finding some people who are on blast selling 'illegal' merchandise for lack of a better word. Even though it promotes these artists incredibly, it’s called the internet. The boat is sinking, you need to jump off and get on the digital downloading life raft."