Green Party VP Candidate Hosts Hip-Hop Event

Green Party Vice Presidential nominee/Hip-Hop activist Rosa Clemente will be joined by a variety of rappers tonight (November 4) in Manhattan, to celebrate her run for Vice President of the United States.

Clemente is a longtime journalist/Hip-Hop activist, who’s name can be seen on ballots nationwide alongside Green Party Presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney.

Talib Kweli, Rebel Diaz, N.Y. Oil, Hakim of Channel Live, Immortal Technique and others are slated to attend the event, which takes place at bar SB3 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The event starts at 8:00 PM, while performances start at 11:00 PM and close out Clemente’s celebration.

“This journey would not have been possible without many of you,” Clemente told “At 11:00 pm I will address all my supporters and we will have an old fashioned Hip Hop Jam, until the break of dawn!”

The Green Party, which is the largest third largest political party in the United States, nominated the McKinney/Clemente ticket in July of 2008.

The nomination was also significant because it marks the first time two women of color led a major party’s charge for the Oval Office.

U.S. Rep. McKinney (D-GA), is also a champion of Hip-Hop who once introduced a bill urging the government to release any secret files on slain rapper, Tupac Shakur.