Group Plans Meeting To Discuss Rappers Images


Council Of Presidents, which is a coalition

of people who represent African American college Fraternities

and Sororities are planning to meet this weekend to

discuss the images that Rappers are portraying in

music videos that are airing on the once black owned

BET. The Council is concerned about the impact images

of artists dripping in ice and pushing Bentley's is

having on African American youth.

In a letter

sent to BET Founder and Chairman Robert Johnson, the

group denounced Johnson for not operating in the best

interest of the African American community and also

said that BET doesn't support black businesses, leaders

or institutions. The group threatened to boycott BET,

Viacom and their advertisers.

The Council

met with Johnson in September and aired their complaints

to the Billionaire. According to members of the Council,

Johnson made it very clear that he is a business man

and that BET is a business. Johnson did say he wanted

to continue dialogue with the group and try to come

to a happy medium.

Exec's at BET say that they do not control the content

of the videos that they receive, which are sent to

them by record companies and Johnson suggested that

the Council air their complaints to the record companies

that actually make these types of videos. BET is coming

off of their highest rated season.


Simmons, founder of Def Jam and who more recently

founded which was recently bought by

BET before they in turn were bought by Viacom contacted in defense of the network. While he

doesn't condemn rappers, or view their images as being

negative, Simmons said that it's simply just time

for a change, echoing sentiments he aired at his 2nd

Hip-Hop Summit this past summer. "Nigga's need

to stop the bullshit and write some different songs

or shut the fuck up. You can quote me on that one,

please," Simmons said.