Gucci Mane Assaulted In Prison, Label Offices Raided

Incarcerated rapper

Radric "Gucci Mane" Davis reportedly suffered multiple injuries in

a jailhouse attack the same day his record label, Big Cat Records was raided

by an Atlanta, Georgia SWAT team.

Yesterday (Sept.

20), Davis was allegedly attacked in a Fulton County jail by a convicted murderer

who reportedly had an issue with the Atlanta based rapper.

Davis sustained

multiple injuries in the attack including having his teeth knocked out and several

lacerations to the face.

The man that attacked

Davis is currently sitting in solitary confinement.

Davis’s lawyer,

Dennis Scheib, is trying to transfer the rapper to a safer prison while he awaits

the start of his October 4th trial for aggravated assault.

Meanwhile in an effort to

keep a watchful eye on the activities and business dealings of his label Big

Cat Records, police raided the company’s Atlanta offices Tuesday afternoon

(September 20) after receiving reports of a person armed with a gun was inside

the building.

Atlanta SWAT team members

descended on the Big Cat offices around 2:20 pm after receiving the anonymous


Once on the scene, police

and SWAT members began an immediate search of the premises.

After combing the building

from top to bottom, police reported that they did not find anyone armed with

a gun and there was no type of standoff situation.

This is the latest

round of controversy that continues to swirl around Big Cat Records and Davis,

their flagship artist.

Last month, Atlanta

police executed a search warrant at the recording studio where Davis allegedly

assaulted a promoter with a pool cue.

The rapper, known for his

hit “So Icy” with friend-turned-foe Young Jeezy, was also arrested

for allegedly assaulting a promoter while on his way to perform at Miami’s

Club Warehouse nearly two months ago.

Davis has also

been accused of the May shooting death of Henry Clark, who has been connected

to Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy.


body was found in the woods behind an elementary school outside of Atlanta with

gunshot wounds.

An investigation

revealed that Clark had been shot after barging into an apartment with several

other men in an attempt to assault Davis at the height of his feud with Young

Jeezy, which allegedly stemmed from ownership rights to the song "So Icy."

Davis grabbed a

pistol nearby and maintains that he fired the weapon after the men threatened

his life verbally and physically. He maintains his innocence in that case and

claims that he only acted in self-defense.

Davis was denied

bond while awaiting trial to answer to the Atlanta aggravated assault charge

and is currently sitting in isolation for his own protection at the Fulton County