Gucci Mane Refutes Overdose Rumors;Issues Statement

Imprisoned rapper Gucci Mane issued a statement today (October 17), squashing growing rumors that he was found dead in his Fulton County jail cell.Gucci Mane, born Radric Davis, is currently incarcerated for violating the terms of his probation on a assault charge, on multiple occasions.Despite attempts by his lawyer to quell the speculation, rumors persist that the rapper overdosed in jail.Gucci Mane himself issued a statement to to prove that he is still alive.“I am alive and doing well," Gucci Mane said in a statement. “I am in good health and in good spirits. To my friends, fans, and supporters – thank you for your concern and I apologize for the inconvenience of having to deal with these bogus rumors. I promise that I’ll be out before you can bat your eye and that I will be stronger than ever.”Gucci Mane has suffered numerous legal challenges over the years.He was involved in a violent feud with Young Jeezy, which ultimately ended up with Gucci Mane being charged with murder in May 2005.DeKalb County prosecutors accused Gucci Mane of shooting and killing a CTE associate during a botched robbery attempt in which four men burst into an apartment with guns drawn.Prosecutors dropped the charges against Gucci Mane in December of 2005 after insufficient evidence and a witness corroborated his claim of self-defense.He has been involved in a number of incidents since, including assaulting a promoter with pool stick, as well as weapons and DUI charges.Gucci Mane's probation was revoked in September and a judge ordered hi to serve the remainder of the time in prison, after the rapper only completed 25 of his mandatory 600 hours of community service.Despite these challenges, Gucci Mane's manager Debra Antney, also President of Mizay Entertainment, believes her client will prevail.“The streets did not break or kill him and neither will prison," Antney said. "Gucci is a brilliant rapper/poet and this time away will only make his music more real and enlightening. He is writing and composing from his cell and will come home with fresh and hot new lyrics.”